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Zen Aromatherapy Oil Burners

The practice of aromatherapy dates back hundreds of years when people would extract the oils from the leaves, flowers, and fruits of various plants and herbs.  As these plants were already used in medicines, they believed the oils, called essential oils, of these plants had beneficial healing effects.  Aromatherapy is preferred by many practitioners since it is an non-invasive technique, relaxing, and inexpensive. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the main ingredient for aromatherapy.  These oils can be used on the skin and as a fragrance.  You will often see aromatherapy products and essential oils promoted by massage therapists.  The use of relaxing fragrances helps reduce stress which leads to better health, low blood pressure, and a good mood.  However, many believe that the best way to absorb the properties of various essential oils for these effects on the mind is through the sense of smell.  Treatment and therapy through the olfactory senses is not as well known as the others, but the testimonials and market of these products wouldn't exist without real benefits.  One belief is that the nasal cavity's nerves lead directly to your part of the brain that control emotion and your memory.  The aromas and fragrances from the essential oils can trigger your memories of the smells that you enjoy and affect the emotion responses of your brain.

Zen Style

Zen style is the decorating style of creating a calm quiet room focused on tranquility.  Once you enter a Zen room, you just feel relaxed and relieved after a hard stressful day.  A Zen room is usually simple and very clean.  It often incorporates Feng Shui, the practice of altering the flow of energy in a room to promote health, wealth, relationships and goals.   Zen aromatherapy oil burners are very affordable and can help you add both these beneficial aspects to your room or as a gift for a friend.  They are usually made of ceramic and have many different designs.  These oil burners make a great unique asian style gift which are practical and beneficial.

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