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Ornamental Opium Pipe

If you know someone that likes to collect very unique antiques or historical artifacts, then you might really surprise them with a replica of an ancient Chinese opium pipe.  We all know that you can't buy opium these days, but the pipes are still made because they make a very beautiful and elegant ornamental decoration for the home.  The long pipes display elegant Chinese artwork and are often made of valuable materials such as jade, silver, and ivory.  The bowl, called the pipe-bowl, that sits on the pipe gives it the unique look different from any other type of pipe. 

The Chinese would put the opium in the bowl and use a special opium lamp to vaporize the opium in the bowl and then inhale the fumes.  You can obtain the pipe and lamp as a whole set for a cool and unique gift.  Just looking at it makes you wonder how it was like to use one and it makes a great conversation piece.

Its hard to find an opium pipe these days and even harder to find an authentic one from back when they were used.  If you want a real antique, then you're looking at a couple thousand dollars, but a replica opium pipe is a very affordable gift. 

Visit the Opium Pipe website for more pictures.

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