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If you're looking for a gift that all asian families can use, it would have to be a Chinese tea set.  Chinese tea is a pillar of Chinese life and culture.  Drinking tea goes back almost 3000 years and all known forms of tea originated from China. 

If you give a tea set as a gift, perhaps the next time you visit your friends, they will serve you tea!  There are many kinds of tea.  You have green tea, black tea, red tea, Oolong tea, Puer tea, and many types of mixed and scented teas.  Even if your friends already have a teapot, to brew Chinese tea, you need a the right kind of teapot.  Chinese teapots are often made of ceramic and porcelain.  The ceramic ones are often made as small teapots called Yixing teapots.  They are used for brewing Oolong tea.  For other teas, you have porcelain tea sets made to have beatiful and artistic oriental designs. 

Drinking tea is known to be healthy and is used in many Chinese remedies.  Just a quick search on the internet shows all the weight loss and health benefits of green tea.  A Chinese tea set will make a great gift for anyone who likes to serve their guests or collects fancy dishware. 

More information on types of tea sets and brewing techniques at Chinese Tea Sets.

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