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If you are able to give a very personal type gift, a item with a long sexual history are the Ben Wa Balls, sometimes spelled Ben Wah Balls.  Ben Wa balls, inserted into the vagina, are one type of tool for doing Kegel exercises. They have been used in Asia since approximately 500 A.D. Although originally used by men for sexual pleasure, it was discovered that the balls benefited women greatly. The constant massaging of the balls against the vaginal walls resulted in intense sexual arousal.

Typically, Ben Wa balls are small, marble-sized metal balls with a hollow center in which a small weight rolls around. They come in pairs, and each ball is usually approximately 20 mm in size. Some balls are slightly larger. Most balls are constructed from hard, non-porous materials, so they don’t absorb bacteria.
Ben Wa balls are an excellent and discreet way to perform Kegel exercises. Using the balls for a few hours every day strengthens the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, which are part of the pelvic floor muscles. PC muscles are the ones that you use to stop the flow of urine once you’ve started urinating. The vagina is forced to flex to hold the balls inside, thus exercising the PC muscles. Gynecologists and obstetricians have been known to recommend the balls to their patients to strengthen the vaginal walls and prevent urinary incontinence. 

Sexually, it has been found that stronger PC muscles allow for more intense orgasms. Some women leave the balls in the vagina all day. Women have found that rocking back and forth with the balls inside the vagina is arousing. In general, sexual arousal occurs as blood rushes to the area due to the pelvic muscles flexing in an effort to hold the balls inside the vagina. Many women are constantly aroused while using the balls; however, the stimulation is subtle and not meant to cause an orgasm. Some women leave one or both balls inside the vagina during sexual intercourse. This technique is said to bring great pleasure to both the man and woman. There are women who say that the balls do nothing for them sexually, so whether or not the balls provide arousal and pleasure depends on the woman.    

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